Our mission

We know that every person’s MS is unique to them, and we want to make sure that the care they receive is too. Our multi-award winning team uses the most effective medical advances and state-of-the-art treatments so our patients can optimally manage their MS, leaving them free to live their lives.

We believe that living with a complex condition should prompt a comprehensive approach to treatment. For our team, that means looking at an individual’s experience of MS from every angle, treating, supporting and helping them to live with all aspects of the condition, from pain or fatigue to movement to emotional state.

We know from both research and experience that the best way to do this is through a range of professionals with different skillsets and specialisms who all work together in a close-knit team. This is known as a ‘multi-disciplinary team’ and it’s the core to our clinic’s model of care.

Our model of care

We have a range of healthcare professionals, all contributing their own expert knowledge and experience to supporting our patients. We want to enable coordinated care to both help people with MS to manage their condition and to promote independence, comfort, function, health and wellbeing.

There are lots of different ways to manage MS, and we are committed to finding the right one for each individual we meet, in line with their life choices, values and goals. This might include drug treatments for individual symptoms or relapses, changes to nutrition or movement, or complementary and alternative therapies.


If you are living with MS but have questions, or want another perspective, on your diagnosis, the management of your condition or the way your MS is impacting your life, a visit to our clinic might be helpful.

Our clinic is especially for:

  • Anyone suspected of having MS or those seeking a second opinion on their diagnosis.
  • Anyone with MS who is noticing lots of activity in their MS, such as new symptoms, relapses or changes seen in MRI scans with or without treatment.
  • People with MS who feel they have uncontrolled symptoms or condition progression.

Our clinic welcomes referrals from outside the UK. We will do everything possible to make sure we help you send your documents ahead of time in a secure and confidential way.

We can provide any support needed to reach our clinic and we can offer you an interpretation service if you ask us in advance.

If you prefer to have your suggested treatments in the UK, we will quote you the fee to do so through our clinic with your medical report.

For more information on who might benefit from a visit to our clinic, what sort of information we might need ahead of an appointment, how to book, and more, please see our FAQs.

The team is ready to listen, understand and co-create a bespoke treatment plan for anyone living with MS. Read more about what you can expect at a visit to our clinic.