Fees & Finance

The cost of the assessment package will be worked out based on the number of tests you need and the number of specialists you need to see during your assessment. Because of this, there is not a set cost. Once we have reviewed your documents and scans, we will know what our recommendations for your assessment are, and so can quote the package cost then.

The total fee will be made up of the cost to carry out:

  • A review of all of your history, documents, and clinic special forms that we will ask you to send us in advance.
  • A review of your previous MRI scans if available.
  • Your full assessment consultation including your tests at the clinic, and review of these, to your appointments with each specialist you need.
  • Your full and comprehensive specialist medical report.

The package fee will not include the cost of our suggested treatments following your assessment. If you prefer to have your treatments at our clinic, we can quote you the fee with your medical report.

Payments will need to be received before your clinic assessment takes place.


Our assessment will last for 2-4 hours or longer and will be carried out in a ‘one-stop’ multi-disciplinary clinic session, and will include:

  • a full neurological examination including use of the Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS)
  • tests (e.g. blood or urine), if needed
  • MRI imaging, if needed
  • clinical interviews with members of our team as you need (MS neurologist and MS specialist nurse is the standard), (from continence to mental health)
  • others might include a neuro-physiotherapist, clinical psychologist or others, if needed

As with all personalised plans, your treatment plan will be specific to you and your needs. It is likely to include some or all of the following, however:

  • Suggested drug treatment for your symptoms
  • Suggested treatment for a relapse
  • Suggestion to start/continue/switch treatment with a disease modifying therapy (DMT) if needed
  • Suggested neuro-physiotherapy treatment depending on the stage of your condition
  • Advice on managing any comorbidities (other conditions you might have alongside your MS)
  • Advice on any lifestyle changes including sleep, stress, movement and nutrition

For more information on who might benefit from a visit to our clinic, what sort of information we might need ahead of an appointment, how to book, and more, please see our FAQs.

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