Why our clinic?

If you are living with MS, or know someone who is, our multi-disciplinary, multi-award winning MS team are ideally placed to meet with you. Our clinic is especially helpful for those who have concerns over their diagnosis, the management of their condition or the way MS is impacting their life.

The team is ready to listen, understand and co-create a bespoke treatment plan for anyone living with MS. 

At a visit to our clinic, you can expect:

  • A detailed and comprehensive assessment lasting between 2-4 hours, for all of your needs, addressing all aspects of how you experience your condition.
  • A clear and detailed medical report summarising all of our findings including MRI scans and multi-disciplinary assessment.
  • A clear treatment plan, discussed and agreed with you and your family.
  • Clear communication of that assessment and plan with your existing healthcare professionals for the best possible outcome, and an option to discuss this with them directly.
  • Access to the most recent and advanced, internationally recognised, evidence-based MS medications including DMTs and MS symptoms treatments.
  • Agreement with you of the best place to access any medication, treatments or therapies decided on in your visit, depending on your personal preferences and circumstances.
  • Plenty of time to discuss or ask questions about any element of your clinic visit, from the assessment to treatments or what comes next.
  • Agreement of how and where your treatment plan will be monitored to make sure it is working as well as possible for you.
  • Discussion and agreement on any follow-up appointments with our clinic, if it is needed, or you request it.

Pre-assessment, we review all of the medical information and test results provided to us by our client, the person living with MS. On arrival, we will also ask for our clients to give us a detailed history in their own words to make sure we completely understand their experience of MS to date.

Our assessment will be carried out in a ‘one-stop’ multi-disciplinary clinic session and afterwards, there will be an opportunity to discuss all of our findings. This will include an explanation of any diagnosis, the ‘classification’ or ‘type’ MS that our client has, and what that means for them in practical terms.

We aim to make sure that both the person with MS and any friends or family who are with them at the appointment completely understand our findings before we start to discuss what treatment options there might be. It’s important to us that everyone is totally confident in the decisions made as we discuss and advise a treatment plan.


We treat our patients with compassion, dignity, respect and kindness. We act with honesty and integrity towards our patients, their families and friends. To work as the most effective team possible, we do need to share information about our clients clearly and accurately with each other. Understanding this, we:

  • Take confidentiality very seriously, and every member of the team works under the same obligations to patient privacy that apply to all registered healthcare professionals in the UK.
  • Make sure all of our records are securely stored and no information about patients is ever discussed or made available to anyone outside the team without specific permission.
  • Can assure you that every team member is fully accredited by their recognised statutory professional body and bound by the strict ethical code.
  • Make sure that the focus on clinical governance is kept and carried out to provide the highest UK standards of healthcare.

A ‘one-stop’ clinic simply means one clinic which meets all your needs, and where you can access each and every healthcare professional you might need in that one visit to us. It is usual for a holistic assessment like this to take anywhere between two and four hours.

It is also possible that we will need you to come along earlier than your clinic time for your investigations, to make sure we can have all the relevant support in place for you at your clinic.

To find out more, read ‘what will be included in my assessment package’ or meet the professionals who make up our team to understand who you might see at our clinic.

For more information on who might benefit from a visit to our clinic, what sort of information we might need ahead of an appointment, how to book, and more, please see our FAQs.

‘It is my pleasure to welcome you to our clinic for a highly specialised assessment. We promise to deliver comprehensive and personalised care tailored to your needs. We will explain in detail our suggested recommendations and will listen to your thoughts and concerns with the utmost care. I look forward to hearing from you.’

You can contact Dr Al-Araji or any of the team directly via email or Facebook page, or take a look at our frequently asked questions (FAQs) for information on how to book an assessment, what that will entail, and more.